broken walls and narratives

A not so revolutionary blog about feminism, socialism, activism, travel, nature, life, etc.


DSCF0111I grew up in a small town in MN, where my graduating class had about twenty people. Since then, I’ve mostly been a student! I have a B.A. from St. Scholastica, which took me forever as I aimlessly took courses in history, political science, and international studies. My best experience at CSS was studying abroad in Ireland and Russia. I also have a B.S. in Sociology from UW-Superior.  My semester in South Korea and involvement in activism related to attacks on Wisconsin workers are the two most memorable parts of my time at UWS. Currently, I am a graduate student at CSS and finishing my thesis at MSU. I’ve traveled to about thirty five countries, and no, I shouldn’t brag, but hey, I feel proud! The most interesting countries I’ve have been to include Russia, North Korea, and Cuba. I am a revolutionary socialist, feminist and atheist, so, I imagine that most people will disagree with me about one thing or another. I am an activist. I also enjoy creating things such as art and writing. Overall, I am a bit of a loner and a misfit. So, social situations are my greatest struggle (outside of the struggle for social change.)

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