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12 Things I did on my B-Day


My birthday is February 12th, the same as Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.   I enjoy celebrating my birthday, so here is an over view of how I spent the day.

  1. 3 Mile Jog:  One of the first things I did today was go on a jog at the track at UWS.  I am not fast and I haven’t jogged since x-mas.  In anticipation of unhealthy indulgences, it was a good way to start the day.
  2. Passport Renewal:  My passport does not actual expire until 2019, but it is already full!  I was running out of blank pages and the State Department no longer offers to add pages for you.  So, off to the post office with hope for future travels and an unflattering photo that will mark my passport for 10 years.1336500007861
  3. Ice Sculpture: Some people think it is a waste of money and an eye sore, but I like it.  What better way to spend a subzero day than with a giant ice sculpture?  I like that it reminds me of a cave, due to the ice resembling stalactites.DSCF2593
  4. Filled out Valentine’s Day cards and sent them off!
  5. Drank a chai latte at the Red Mug.  I did this while writing the cards.  Several months ago, I didn’t like chai or chai latte.  There was too much flavor going on.  Over time and attempts of drinking them, I have grown to like it.DSCF2595
  6. Visit the library: this was a fun, free activity.  I left with some garden and travel books.
  7.  Duluth Labor History Art Reception at Red Herring Lounge.  How could I pass up artwork that was inspired by Duluth labor history?!  The art was by Robert Adams.  I don’t know art history well enough to describe the art, but following the topic, it was very geometric and industrial.  It reminded me of Soviet art or WPA art.  Maybe a bit like Soviet modernism, with strict lines and focus on architectural structures.  The art also seemed to make use of tape or plastic, which made it unique.  Again, I don’t know enough about art or art history to do credit to the style.12552964_10207265507052524_4738820122576273646_n                                        (Photo was from Red Herring Lounge Facebook Event)
  8. UMD Planetarium: The topic tonight was Voyager I and II.  It was a retro topic with a retro video voiced by Patrick Stewart.  It was interesting to learn how the Voyagers communicated with Earth.  They used radio signals, but these were so faint that multiple, giant saucer like radio receivers had to be used to pick up the signal.  Then, the signal had to be isolated from the background radiation of space?  Images were sent back as dots, which were translated into images.   The video was made in 1989.  In the end, it discussed the Voyagers journeying on into interstellar space, their signals becoming a whisper until they go quiet.   The scientific instruments will slowly lose power and it will float on, perhaps passing Gleise 445 in 40,000 years.  There’s a happy b-day thought.  A dead machine floating forever in space.  pia17046_-_voyager_1_goes_interstellar
  9. Pizza Hut with my pal, Adam.   We were by UMD, so we went to Pizza Hut.  I had breadsticks.  In a way, it reminded me of being a kid-as Pizza Hut was really exciting back then.  In more recent years, my gut can’t handle the grease.
  10. Trying to figure out a cruise.  I was supposed to go on a cruise with my sister in law, Tiffany.  However, something has come up so she must cancel.  I still plan on going, but I am trying to figure out how to cancel her without having to pay terrible fees (which I thought I avoided by getting the trip protection plan).  Anyway, if it all works out, I will be going to Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Kitts in April.  I regret that I will be traveling alone…again!  But, I am sure I will have a fun time. 2333b930b5ef2e1cd62e519387b5b058
  11. Looked at my library books.  Well, this can be fun!  I have one on 1001 gardens to see before you die.
  12. Wrote a blog post about 12 things I did.

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