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A Month in the Life


This month has passed in a flurry of final school activities, work, and activism.  There has been little time for fun or hobbies…or anything aside from work and school mostly.  Now, as the semester ends, I can slow down and look back.  Here is a retrospective.


Today I taught a lesson on the Mughal Empire to 10th grade students.  I am proud of this lesson as it used four stations to appeal to many learning styles.  At station one, students completed a graphic organizer wherein they matched facts about various Mughal rulers with the name of the ruler.  At station two, I had “the Mughal Empire” in a bag.  Actually, it was seven bags filled with items such as the Koran, an astronomical map, a toy elephant, an Afghan throw, a book about the Taj Mahal, and several other items.  Students had to determine how the bagged items related to the Mughal empire.  At station three, students chose from a list of events in Mughal history, which they then drew onto a timeline.  At station four, students sampled Indian food, assembled a puzzle, or looked at various books related to the Mughals.  The lesson went very well.  I was happy.

I also finished a paper today along with several items of busy work.

I also sat in on a 2 hour conference call for Socialist Action, learning more about French Trotskyists, Fergusson, and the15 dollar an hour movement.

A nap also happened.


I slept about one hour and felt like the victim of a failed, fictional Soviet sleep experiment.  My brain would not let me sleep as I was too concerned about my upcoming lesson and the mass of homework I had due.  I went to my internship.  I also turned in my 85 page unit of lessons and materials on the Russian and Chinese revolutions.  Yes, 85 pages.  I also prepared for the Mughal lesson and finished up an online resource kit assignment.

Sunday: Like Monday, I only slept about one hour due to stress.  I worked all day at Safe Haven (a women’s shelter) then did four hours of homework.  I did take a nap in the evening.

Saturday: This was supposed to be a big homework day but turned out to be a day spent sleeping/dry heaving from a mysterious stomach bug.

Friday:  Three hours of class+ 2 hour Mughal documentary+ up until 4am creating a Mughal lesson plan that was 20 pages long including all of the materials.

Thursday:  Work + Vampire Diaries.   I know that the Vampire Diaries is not sophisticated, academic, or feminist.   I just like vampires…okay!  Oh, I also finished a book about Tasmanian Devils.  Maybe THAT can be a blog post.

Wednesday: 12 hours of work.

Tuesday: Lesson on the legacy of the Ottoman Empire through an interactive map game at Superior HS. The students seemed to enjoy it.  I also fed them Baklava and Turkish delight.

Monday: Internship+ homework+ lesson prep.

Sunday:  Work

Saturday:  10am protest against SodaStream in support of  Palestine.  Noon = Pizza Hut with  Adam. 2-4 poster  making for evening protest.  4-5:30 walk on the Osage Trail.  5:30 protest against the layoff of UWS janitors.  7pm? homework.

Friday:  Class+ Mug Exchange+ homework

Thursday:  Work

Wednesday: Work

Tuesday:  Internship + feminist planning meeting.

This month kind of sucked.   I need more me time.   I  want time to exercise, write, draw, read, and pursue hobbies.  I  think  I need to take another vacation this summer….

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